2 comments on “Yokohama Away! Photographs from Shomyoji, Yamashita Park, Chinatown, and more!

  1. Yo amazing photos! I hadn’t realised that the Cup Noodle Museum and the Ramen Museum are two different places until today. As I’ve visited the former, I thought I’d look up where the Ramen Museum is and I’m a bit confused about your description of it being a 15min walk from Motomachi as it appears to be in Shin-Yokohama which is a good 2 hour walk from Motomachi! Unless you meant that you were walking back to the eki?

    • Appreciate it! And yeah I hope to go to the Cup Noodle Museum sometime too, looks like a fun place! And yeah, memory did not serve me correctly when writing this post. It was 15 minutes to the local subway to GET to the Ramen Museum (after looking at the map like you said!). Will fix.

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