2 comments on “Portrait Session (3 of 3): Melissa Moberg

  1. great site you have here.
    I found you due to a review in Sony 35mm f1.8 lens.
    May I suggest something?
    To spend some more time in Post processing:
    Lighten up the whites in the eyes of your subjects.
    Also study a little more dodging and burning. For this one you can study some make-up techniques to see why we darken specific areas on the face and choose to lighten (or give a colour tint) other areas.

    Posing, framing, compositions, lighting, everything is great in your work. But a little more post-processing can satisfy your customers even more.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I tend to shy away from post-processing any further than levels or basic retouching. However, I do lighten/darken certain areas of the face depending on the lighting (lightening shadows on the eyes, darkening blown highlights, etc.).

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