2 comments on “Reader Question: Sony A7 vs NEX-7?

  1. It’s not really a sucessor, they’re continuing to sell the A7 and A7r along with the A7s, each has different features that will appeal to different users, for example the A7s has great low light potential but only half the Megapixels of the A7.

    • This post was primarily comparing the NEX-7 with just the A7/A7r (written well before the A7s announcement). I agree about your point though, the A7 line with its 12/24/26 MP choices along with different feature sets make each camera unique in its own way for different kinds of photography and videography. Unfortunately, for my purposes, I still find no interest in the A7s since its frame rate is still too slow and it still has the same middle EVF hump as the other A7 cameras. Still waiting on an A8/A9. 🙂

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