9 comments on “First Impressions: Zeiss Touit 32mm f/1.8

    • Thank you Andrew, the 32mm produces very smooth bokeh up-close. A shame it doesn’t do the same at further distances. Look forward to your 12mm shots. 🙂

  1. Hi Matt, thanks for your first impressions of that great lens and I am really looking forward to your comparison with the SEL35. Best, Dirk

  2. Please shoot for really bokeh examine the picture with holes in tree leafs on nearest distance !
    Or bright details on hand watch at the table. Or similar.
    Disgusting bokeh with excellent performance, this is characteristic of many lenses today.
    I would first of all check the work in the area of ​​blur reduction in sharpness and smoothness to infinity. A superior sharpness surprise snap.

    • Early on, I can say that bokeh shows very smooth characteristics from close-focus to about 5 feet. Beyond that, backgrounds start to get pretty busy. But don’t worry, I’ll talk about all this in detail in the review!

  3. I would like to note that the test should be prohibitively hard to create a situation for the lens. So how do some countries in military exercises. Where to apply not blank shots but real bullets.
    Stand by that time Chief Inquisitor!

    Some night shots where a lot of light sources also give an excellent rating of the test lens.

    Good luck in your work!

  4. Just sent you three images from the Touit 12/2.8 on the NEX7. The two city shots are at f5.6 while the oil Derek was shot wide open, all at ISO100 with no post-processing other than conversion from RAW in Apple Aperture 3.

    • Cool Andrew! They’re starting to get to my inbox. If you can also send a brief email (1-2 paragraphs) with your impressions of the lens as well, and I’ll try to have them up later tonight. 🙂

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