4 comments on “Coming Soon…

  1. Fantastic lens! Congratulations. And, you went and got and APS-C lens in the end huh 😉
    Good choice. Looking forward to your impressions 🙂

    • Well, Zeiss lenses hold their value at least a little better than other brands, so when the NEX FF does come, the 32mm will still fetch a pretty penny (provided I sell the 35mm OSS instead after reviewing the Zeiss).

      • Plus, you get to enjoy a fantastic lens. It’s really good from what I’ve seen. The rubber focus ring is awesome.

      • Oh man don’t get me started on that focus ring. If only it was geared, rather than by wire, I’d love it more than my best AI-s lens’ focus. My internet is being awfully slow, but I hope to get a hands-on post up later tonight.

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