2 comments on “My Mind’s Eye #9

  1. Bokeh’s looking good here, Matthew. I also very much like your post processing techniques (both here, and in general). It does make me smile a little when I show say, a Leica or Fuji fanboy, a photo I’ve taken on my meagre Sony NEX, and have tweaked the output to match their magic. Sony could certainly have better lenses, sensor, etc etc, but I’m mostly pleased with the results I get, and that’s what really matters.

    • It seems that Sony’s sensors always render more clinically than other camera manufacturers, whether it be JPEG or RAW. I find this a good thing. It’s easier to take “away” from images (adding saturation/exposure changes in post for more character), than to “add” to them (adding sharpness/clarity). Sony’s RAW files render detail so sharp from the get-go that, from a technical perspective, many of my photographs require no editing. I’ve gotten to the point now that just a little contrast addition through utilizing the shadow/highlight clipping indicators in LR4 gives files great pop, while there’s still so much headroom at ISO 100 for other artistic edits.

      Agreed on the lenses deal, though. You know I don’t have to particularly worry about that, but those that don’t like the idea of using manual lenses can easily come away from the NEX line feeling a bit disappointed (unless they’re using the Zeiss 24, Sig 30, or Sony 35, of course).

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