2 comments on “HUGE Weekend Update: Light-Painting, Macro, Sports, Squirrels, and a Panorama!

  1. Nice to have the NEX-7 back? There are some really nice shots in here, and I like the variation. There’s a little bit of everything, but that “gumballs” picture steals the show, in my opinion.

    • Having a truly capable camera back in my hands feels great, but knowing that Sony has sent me back a “lesser” camera than what I sent them for repair really bums me out. Unfortunately, I cannot afford another two weeks without my camera given all the assignments I have to shoot for both class AND work. As you know, I have 90 days, so that should put me right at the end of the semester.

      And thanks! That gumball picture is one of my recent favorites, too. I never get tired of their prickly symmetry.

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