6 comments on “(Late) Weekend Update: More Photos from Destin, and the return of the NEX-7!

  1. point and shoots tend to do really well at Macro stuff but I especially liked the flyby, it reminded me of the Charlie don’t surf scene in apocalypse now for some reason.

    • Hey Freddytto, it did take a while, and upon closer inspection, I’m not sure Sony actually fixed what I asked them to. I no longer hear the tell-tale “chirp” of the sensor cleaning when turning it off, and there are chip marks all around the screen. :-/ I’ll have to call them soon.

      • what really happened with your nex7? you have the full warranty? I had a problem with the nex5n few months, got wet, so went to sony store and they gave me the chance to upgrade to the nex5r so take the chance, but I have also the warranty on the nex7, I think is for any accidental damage, I can get a new one. You should call and check well that is what is happening with your nex7 …

      • What originally went wrong was the failing of the sensor-cleaning mechanism. Everything was covered under warranty, and I do have a 90-day warranty on the repair, so don’t worry, I’ll get everything sorted out. 🙂

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