21 comments on “First Impressions–Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS

  1. I’m not sure why you are comparing this lens to the Nikon DX 35mm f/1.8 and Canon’s 35mm f/2 in terms of pricing. This lens is designed for a mirrorless system. It should be compared to the Panasonic 25/1.4 and Fujifilm 35/1.4. The Sony is around the same price as them.

    • That’s actually a very good point, thank you for bringing that up. If anything, the Sony is the “best deal” of the three mirrorless 50mm equivalents we’re talking about here: $50 cheaper than the Panasonic, and $150 cheaper than the Fuji. I’ll address comparable mirrorless lenses more-so than SLR offerings in the main review.

  2. Welcome to the club… 😉

    I find myself using the 50mm/1.8 almost more often than my beloved Nikkor 50mm/1.2 on the Nex-7.

    If there are two things I am not so happy about, firstly the lens is not as tough as my AIS lenses, which for the price is not surprising and, secondly I find the focusing when focusing manually, a weak point. I tend to find focus with the 50mm Nikkor faster, than with the Sony lens.

  3. I see some purple axial color fringing on the bike’s tank. A stop or two down may help to eliminate this.
    Slightly magenta lateral color fringing along side the image also occurs.

    • I have seen that as well, mostly in high-contrast areas. I did not try to edit out that nor the magenta fringing. Good eye though Gubs. 🙂

    • Until just now, I did not know that lens existed. Granted, it’s a full-frame designed lens, so it isn’t exactly in the same class (though, I think the old version also could cover a full frame sensor). Thanks for the tip bas!

      • Yes, it is not the same class. Yes, the old version also cover the FF sensor. My point is the difference in price between IS and non IS. You can see the same difference for 24/2.8 IS and 28/2.8 IS, 50mm IS is on the way and also in the same price range. So Sony is not on the first place in such a difference.

  4. Hey matthew,

    Nice first impressions, it compliments my review. If you like check out my personal review on my site, so maybe it can inspire you a bite for writing your full review! Can’t wait to read it! Enjoy the 35, it’s such a nice addition by sony.

    • Hey Alphabart! Apologies for not responding sooner, for some reason your comment got caught by WordPress’ spam filter. 😦 I liked your nice little real-world review as well, especially the close-up of the dog for your Christmas card. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Matthew, first time visitor via Sony Alpha Rumors. I’ve been waiting to see some real photos and thoughts on the new 35mm lens. Thanks for posting this. I think you just pushed me over the edge and I’ll be picking one up shortly. I have the 50mm 1.8 which I love, but it is just a little too long as a daily walking around lens. From your photos, it seems like the character is very similar. Also, I love the last image, Hazy Atmosphere. Beautiful!

    • Some other photographers I’ve been watching that have gotten this lens say the same about the similarities between this and the 50mm for E-mount. Though I am more of a telephoto guy (at the same time used to more shallow depth-of-field), this focal length has its own place for anything from landscapes to (very) short portraits. They call it a “standard” for a reason. 🙂

      And thank you! Hope you like yours when you get it!

  6. incredible pictures, undoubtedly I have been waiting for this lens, the 50mm f1.8 is a very good, but I need something shorter and faster, I’m a street shooter, so this would be ideal, thanks for the review about this lens, is excellent.

    all photos are incredible. Greetings and Happy New Year Matthew

  7. New visitor from Sony Alpha Rumours too. Great post about the lens. I still only have the 18-55 kit lens for my NEX5 – I wish I could justify spending more on the prime lenses! Would love to own the SEL-24 1.8 Zeiss. Have you tried it?

    • Justifying the money spent on prime lenses can be a hard thing to do, especially if one is coming from any form of a zoom (whether it be kit or superzoom). What you may want to try before deciding to try out a prime is to force yourself to only shoot at one focal length on your 18-55. Give 24mm, 35mm, and 55mm (close enough to 50mm) a chance for a few days for each to see which you may or may not prefer.

      After doing that, let’s say you liked the 50mm (55mm) focal length the most, a popular choice even for APS-C photographers. But even then, $300 is still a good chunk of money for the Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS. You still have a couple options: 1. Rent it at a place like this: https://www.lensrentals.com/rent/sony/sony-nex/lenses/sony-50mm-f1.8-oss or 2. Get a cheap “legacy” fast 50, such as the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 E via an adapter.

      These two options could then confirm or deny your feelings on if a fast prime is right for you.

      Per the Zeiss 24mm, I have not ever shot (or will ever shoot) that lens, merely because $1100 is too much for any lens, let alone one that only gives a 36mm f/2.8 field of view. For me, I love being able to control shallow depth of field. On APS-C, that limits me to slightly longer lenses. I’m pushing it with the Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS. On down the road when Sony releases a full-frame NEX-9, a 35mm f/1.4 would definitely be tempting. For an APS-C sensor to give that same field of view, I would need a 24mm f/1 (which will probably never exist). 😉

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