11 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving! (and a sweet deal!)

  1. good thing you were able to manage your time with all that things you’ve been doing,good luck on everything that make’s you busy..happy thanksgiving though we never celebrate it back here.. 🙂

    • Many thanks Angela, I really miss being able to post like I used to do back in the summer. I’ll be able to have a brief respite once Christmas break rolls around, but after that, back to once a week, tops. 😦

      • well i guess it wasn’t only you who will not post regularly, i myself might not post anything new/regular for the next days or weeks not until i get a new camera (hopefully i can get asap),i really had a hard time using my old one because it’s screen/lcd was broken and i really can’t see what i was shooting every time i used it. Speaking of new camera any brand or kind you can suggest or recommend for me to buy. Well I think your the right person to ask about this kind of stuff.. 🙂

      • Well that’s sad to hear, though I hope you’re looking forward to the excitement of a new camera. The enthusiasm of having a new photographic tool can really get you out there shooting (though it didn’t really look like you had a problem with that prior). Before I recommend a camera/brand, I’m assuming you are looking for something that does macro well, correct? 🙂 Anything else you are wanting your camera to do?

  2. yeap one that does macro,one does can take a good photo even at night because with my camera i really can’t get a good shot when at night maybe because i don’t know the settings to use.since i’ve been using a P&S camera (it’s a sony cybeshot 12.1megapixel by the way) been thinking of buying a dslr camera.. 🙂

    • Alrighty, what you are looking for then is definitely a large-sensor camera. You can go compact and portable with m4/3 or Sony NEX cameras, or go big and bulky (albeit a little more rugged depending on camera) with a DSLR. Keep in mind the NEX cameras have the same size sensor as most DSLRs, excluding full-frame cameras which I assume are out of your budget. Speaking of which, what is your budget for the camera and one lens?

      • well yeah i’m not into buying super full frame camera since i’m no proffesional. 🙂 my budget would be P25,000 to P30,000 (that would be $600 to $700), i guess I can have a good one with that budget??

      • Well if you go the NEX route you can get the NEX-5n with its 18-55 kit lens (which is a great lens for a kit lens) for about $600. Its close-focus isn’t “true” macro, but 9 inches at 55mm should get you as close you need for any sort of normal flower shots. If you were wanting a lens that’s a bit more compact, the new 16-50 powerzoom lens is very small and focuses to about 11 inches.

      • thanks,thanks so much for the suggestion/recommendations, I’ll do check out what have you been suggesting..I’ll let you know once I’ve bought one (hopefully the soonest.) 🙂

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