6 comments on “NEX-7 Gets Firmware Update!

  1. Man, how can they improve the bracketing system and not allow the use of the remote for bracketing??????? I don’t get it…am I missing something?

    • Hey there Mitch, that’s actually a really, really good point. When I said Sony was heading in the right direction, I guess I was right. There’s still a lot more that could easily be addressed in firmware.

      • I’m sure you know how much I love it as well. Really, any support at all is welcome, but little irks like this inability to use remote for bracketing are just strange.

  2. Wait a minute..”little irks like the inability to use remote for bracketing is strange”. How the heck would you take a landscape shot without remote/timer for multiple shot exposures??? Strange it is not. It is a major oversight that is somewhat embarrassing. Now I am not on Sony’s payroll so I believe I can say what I, and many other people think. I gave up my 5D for this and I find it really irksome that I can’t use a bracketing feature which was brought out a decade ago. Not trying to be annoying here, just don’t get how it it strange??

    • I guess “strange” was the wrong word to use. It really is an oversight on Sony’s part to not include that with this update if they were going to improve something with the bracketing. You’re not alone in this boat, I went from a d300 to this, so I know EXACTLY the frustration you’re feeling with features like this missing.

      And no, I’m not getting paid by Sony or any other company for my opinions on here. Surprised that came across to you Mitch. 🙂

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