6 comments on “Real-World Gear Review–Shoot Remote

  1. I agree. I bought two of these awhile back Matt, excellent value for sure. The only issue I have on the NEX-7 for it, is that you can’t use it for a burst of shots. Normally you would put the camera on continuous shooting and simply push the button to take a burst (had this feature on the Panasonic G2 for birds shots). Sony in their wisdom have put the wireless feature in with the burst mode in the menu of the NEX. So you can’t have both a burst and use a remote.

    Otherwise its excellent for what you saying and showing. Fine shots BTW, both brilliant.

    All the best Mat 🙂


    • That’s a good point Danny. Though I haven’t run into a situation where I have needed that, I can think of more than a few scenarios for your style of shooting. 😉

      And thanks, a couple of hold-overs from previous stuff. Macro’s getting addicting Danny, how do you cope with it? 🙂

  2. Excellent piece of kit, Matthew. I recently bought one for the N-7 and paid $2.85 with free post from China to Australia!
    I’m sure it comes from the same factory as the one I bought 3 years ago for the Nikon dSLR – it survived a wave filling the two front pockets of my Billingham bag (lying on a beach ) by simply floating to the top.

    • Well I guess you got an even better deal than me Domnuill. 🙂

      I’ve never dropped mine in water (and don’t really plan to), but mine too feels light and airy enough to be buoyant.

  3. I think this is what I need for my NEX-7… but please help me with one thing Matt: when doing long exposures in bulb mode one press of the remote will start the exposure and another press will end it, right? You don’t actually hold the button down like you do with the shutter, correct?

    • Bingo Tim, one press to start, another to end (in bulb). If you’re doing a REALLY long exposure and you don’t have time for the long exposure NR feature to do its work (it takes a black frame for as long as the initial exposure), make sure you turn it off.

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