2 comments on “Manfrotto=No More

  1. Hi Matthew,

    I read your interesting comments in dpreview from time to time.

    I would be more than a little angry if I received some of that Manfrotto treatment. It beggars belief that there are company types who think such poor form will not be quickly learned by the much wider community. Bad news travels faster and more widely these days.

    Not answering emails smacks of bog-ignorance; polyester suits and lager lunches most likely.

    Maybe Giottos is worth a look; I have a middle-range tripod which has so far proved durable.

    Cheers for now,


    • Hello there Dohmnuill. What gets me the most is apparently Manfrotto used to also be top-notch themselves. Kurt Munger’s review of this tripod+head combo is what prompted me to give it a go. That review was a couple years ago, but I figured nothing had changed. The prices had steadily been going down, which was a sign I should have noted.

      He mentioned in an e-mail that his combo is still going strong and functioning perfectly, that it is his main tripod set-up. He’s as confused as I am as to why I had such “bad luck”. Possibly with the decrease in prices, the mentioned quality-control issues were overlooked. I don’t know.

      But yes, I’m open to suggestions, and I’ll be giving all the companies a look when the time comes again to need to get a mid to high-end tripod+head. I don’t want to have to cycle through getting the cheap ones, them breaking, and upgrading to a little better model. If anything, I want a tripod and head that will literally last me a lifetime.

      We’ll see what the future holds. 🙂

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