15 comments on “Lens Review–Nikon 36-72mm f/3.5 Series-E

  1. Truly a great and very useful review. I was just about to purchase one these guys, so it helps to able to make an informed decision. What it all boils down to is: At the right price and given the lens is in very good condition, it makes for a decent lens for general, walk around purposes. However, I believe there are better options for cost effectiveness. Thanks again, your review is certainly what I would call; “Most Impressive.”..



    • Hey there! Interesting to see that lens doing well for you, I guess the optical compression provided by the speedbooster really helps offset the optical defects I’ve seen on APS-C. Happy shooting!

  2. “I do not believe the 36-72 E is multicoated…………”

    And with well over half of the elements having GREEN reflections that did not convince you that this lens IS multicoated? Of course it is multicoated. Your YouTube video shows its flare reduction to actually be far superior to A LOT of high end Nikkor zooms, even some of the very expensive AF ones of today. The SUPERLATIVELY sharp 80-200mm f/4 AIS Zoom Nikkor has FAR MORE ghosting than does this lens.

    • I will have to edit this, as I was confusing the Nikon Integrated Coating of this lens (and some other Series-E lenses) with single coating, compared to the Super Integrated Coating seen on more modern lenses. See also the reply on the Youtube video I left for you. Good spot, thank you.

  3. I found this website after view some old photos I took with E series lens and it probably explained some of the haze I noticed which was puzzling cause I always used a haze filter. Anyway, your work looks more extensive than what some photo magazines do. I do wonder why you would bother for such an old lens. Some of these lenses were old 20 years ago having been manufactured during the eighties. I owned one along with what I thought was the better 75-150mm E series zoom. Have you ever tested that lens? Did you have the test lens aligned? Also, the camera you used for the test has an aps format, but the lens was designed for a 35mm film format. How does that affect the interpretation of you results? Again, congrats on the superiority of you work.

    • I knew going into my exploration of the Series-E lineup that some lenses are outstanding optical bargains (50mm, 100mm, 75-150mm) and a couple fall short (36-72mm, 28mm), but it was fun thoroughly testing each regardless.

      Take a look at my Series-E lenses compared page to see reviews of ALL the Series-E lenses, including the 75-150mm.

      I often state in the reviews that since my test camera for my past reviews was aps-c, some issues like extreme corner sharpness and vignetting would not show up as well.

      Thanks for commenting!

    • Hi there Felicia, it will mount, yes. You will have to meter manually with the lens however. It’s how I first learned shooting manual lenses on digital (had an old 50mm f/2 ai on a d40 a long time back), but there’s little that will automatically work for you with this lens.

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