2 comments on “A Slew of Big Announcements (and a Poll)

  1. Glad you ordered both. I just saw your poll on DPRevies. I’m more interested in the 10-18 as I already have the Sigma 30mm and am satisfied with it.

    • After tallying the votes from here and DPReview, the 35 and the 16-50 were definitely on top, favor going slightly to the 35. Though I would love to review the 10-18 (and I most likely eventually will), it isn’t a top priority because I frankly have no experience with ultra-wides. I don’t feel my photographic samples would really do it justice until I learn more about how to use that field-of-view.

      What’s really going for the 35: if it performs as good as the Sigma at f/2.8 (especially on the NEX-7), the premium will be justified for the extra stop-and-a-third in speed and OSS. They’re both the same size, so it’ll be a no-brainer, IF it performs well.

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