10 comments on “3 Huge Milestones (and a Time-lapse!)

  1. Hi, and thanks for the video. A point of interest (possibly) is the new NEX 5R and NEX 6 allow application add-ons and one of them seems to be a timelapse app. due to launch next month i think.

    • Hey Justin, glad you liked it, and YES! I completely (temporarily) forgot about the application add-ons in the upcoming NEX-5r and NEX-6. That’s a great step in the right direction from Sony. However, I really don’t want to “downgrade” to a 16MP sensor (despite it having PDAF on-sensor) after only having my camera for relatively so little time. I hope app support (or at least some of my requests voiced directly to Sony’s imaging department) will come via a firmware update to the NEX-7/5n. Obviously it can’t be done over Wi-Fi like with the 5r/6, but surely a computer-to-camera solution would be trivial to implement.

      I do hope. :-/

      • Yes, i too have been waiting for the NEX 7 firmware upgrade to fix some of the issues discussed across the web. Maybe they will announce it at Photokina. 🙂

      • I can’t wait for that, so many new announcements, but the one that gets me the most excited is the 35mm f/1.8. If it has OSS as rumored, it’s going to be the first autofocus lens I get for the NEX system. 1/10th shutter speed handheld? No problem!

  2. Congrats on your milestone! I hope to have similar results one day. Great job on the timelapse, my most recent post was about timelapse photography too. Please check it out if you have a chance, I always appreciate constructive criticism!

    • Thanks Shannon! You really, really know what you are doing on that timelapse, it is well done. Should proper timelapse support be brought to the NEXes, I would love to get back into making some of those videos. 🙂

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