14 comments on “Lens Review–Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 Series-E

  1. I’m also not a fan of zooms, but if I do use one, I love the sliding action to adjust focal length. Unfortunately the focus/zoom ring tends get very loose as these old Nikon lenses age.

    • It is indeed a great system. Good thing to note though, it depends more on the usage of the lens. The other two Series-E zooms (36-72 and 70-210) I have aren’t near as loose. Almost perfect zoom AND focus dampening. Probably because they are near-mint. 🙂

      • I have an old and banged up 70-210mm, and it is, after decades of abuse, completely undampend. Unfortunately it also no longer focuses correctly, and I somehow doubt that getting repaired will make financial sense.

      • It may be worth it if the elements themselves are okay. I’ve read the optical formula of that zoom was used in all of Nikon’s 70-210/80-200s up until the recent generations. We’ll find out in the review after the 36-72mm. 🙂

  2. Good review! I love my 75-150mm to death, I use it for portraiture and the only real flaw is it heavy red fringing, in some high contrast situations. Strong red-magenta, don’t know why, not purple nor green. Otherwise it’s my favorite telephoto.

  3. I loved reading your comprehensive reviews of the Series E lenses, and after having a great experience with the 50mm, I decided to get the 75-150 as well. It was a tough choice between this and the 70-210, but I realized that I value portability over a longer focal range, and the current range it covers is already very good on a crop sensor. It does have significant zoom creep, which can be partially dealt with by taping the barrel but is otherwise a very fine lens indeed. While it’s tough to nail the focus perfectly (especially at the longest end), the results are very satisfying. It’s interesting to see just how shaky my hands are at the 150mm end!

    • Hey there CCTang, thanks for checking out my content, the compactness of the 75-150 can easily outweigh the extra zoom range of the noticeably heavier 70-210, if you don’t need 210mm. 🙂 The zoom creep is unfortunately universal to the Series-E’s, but like you said, some thin tape can help. When shooting at 150mm handheld, even if your hands aren’t shaky, stay away from anything slower than 1/200.

      • Yeah, I’m just amazed at how compact and functional the lens is, considering how like you, I generally dislike using zoom lenses. I never saw myself getting a telephoto lens beyond an 85mm f1.8 but this lens fulfills that need without costing a bomb or being a pain to lug around. Now if someone can make a lens of this focal range this compact and throw in autofocus….

  4. I’ve had mine for many years. Got it free in brand new condition in the box when I bought a camera bag. I put some black electrical tape around the barrel and that has seemed to work for the dampening. I switch back and forth from this lens and the Nikkor 85/1.8 AF lens. Like them both.

  5. “Much of the lens is plastic”? The only plastic parts in this lens are the aperture ring, the housing of the rear optical unit, and the sleeves of the cam rollers. The rest of the barrel is aluminum, and there’s far more of it than there is plastic.

    Source: I’ve disassembled the lens.

    • Thanks for the clarification, I guess it makes sense most of the internals are metal, given the weight. I’ve been meaning to learn to properly disassemble my old lenses for cleaning purposes.

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