2 comments on “My Mind’s Eye: #3

  1. Hey, could you explain to me what tone-mapping is, and what you did to this photo in terms of PS manipulation? Did you shoot in RAW?


    • Sure thing. Tone-mapping is a form of mild HDR photography that cane be accomplished with only one exposure (versus multiple doing “true” HDR). A tone-mapped photograph is one that has been altered beyond its original capture to recover light and dark tones (typically called recovering blown highlights and boosting crushed shadows). A good tone-mapped photograph will represent a scene almost exactly as you saw it. In my case, I used it to create a surreal look.

      Some programs exist (like Photoshop or Photomatix), that does this tone-mapping for you. I, however, just use the sliders in Lightroom 4 to achieve the best tonal representation (in the cases where I do a tone-map). Tone-mapping tends to reduce contrast a fair bit, so after getting your highlights and shadows back, make sure to add a bit back.

      And yes, I always shoot RAW. It gives you the maximum post-processing flexibility: increased pixel-level sharpness, much-increased dynamic range (critical for tone-mapping), and the ability to instantly correct a faulty white balance without penalty.

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