11 comments on “Macro Walk-Around

    • Welcome (though, keep in mind, this is nowhere near my full review!)!

      Of the three macro ranges (55mm, 105mm, 200mm) I prefer the 105mm length. Here’s my reasons:
      1. Good working distance compared to the 55mm, I couldn’t get the dragonfly shot with a 55mm, he would have flown off.
      2. Great flattening perspective (APS-C or smaller sensor of course)
      3. Not too heavy like a 200mm macro would be
      4. Makes a great walk-around lens as long as it has a fast aperture (f/2.8 or faster)

      That said, there’s nothing wrong with a 55-60mm macro, I just really would hate having to get so much closer to subjects.

      • Though if you “really” want a macro with good working distance a 200mm will suit you well. But the only 200mm macro worth getting for your Nikon is the 200mm f/4 AF-D. And it runs about $1300 used. Ouch. Supposedly the much cheaper AI-s version has bad longitudinal fringing. If you do any PP, it should be easy to take out.

      • Keep in touch if you have any questions. Don’t forget about the deals you can get on eBay. It’s where I get all of my lenses.

      • Yep, so far I’ve purchased about 12 lenses from there so far, and any problems with them have been clearly noted in the description (loose focus ring, for instance).

        Key thing is to buy from USA sellers with a good feedback rating. A good rating is at least 99.8% if they have well over a few thousand ratings. For those with less ratings, at least 99%. That said, just take a look at some of their negative feedback to see if it was a legitimate complaint. Buying from those that post many pictures and answer your questions clearly are also good. Finally, some form of a return policy (except for “as-is” items) is great to see.

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