6 comments on ““First” Impressions—Nikon 300mm f/2.8 AI-s ED

  1. Thanks for the article. Of note, birders have started looking at the Nikon V1 camera (I think) since it offers 2.7x magnification, making this 810mm.

    • That…would be ridiculous. However, I too have heard of people using the Nikon 1s for extreme telephoto work, such as astronomy. But man, to use this lens at 810mm, you would need a SERIOUS tripod.

  2. Well this is embarrassing…but I’m going to order the adaptor and using the j1, turn my 400 mm into a 1200 mm…..so far…not impressed AT ALL with the j1..
    Awesome review and even more awesome images! Thanks for sharing your expertise 🙂

    • Sad to hear you aren’t enjoying the J1 with its native lenses. I told you a NEX would be a great choice. 😉

      And thanks! Though remember, this isn’t the full review. 🙂

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