22 comments on “Nikon’s Series-E Lenses Compared

  1. Nice review man! I like your style of review. 🙂

    I was bought this lens, and sold my 75-150 F3.5 series E, sold my AF Tamron 70-300..

    I also was try many zoom for nikon lens :
    the series 1 Vivitar 70-210 f2.8-4, sigma 70-300, nikon af-d 70-300 f4-5.6, af-s 80-200 f2.8 VR,

    And This 70-210 F4 is More SHARP, more CONTRAST, more GREAT build, more SMOOTH bokeh, than the cheap and slower Nikon af 70-300 f4-5.6, Tamron 70-300, sigma 70-300…

    And this lens is “as SHARP as” and much LIGHTWEIGHT than the Hulkier AF-S 70-200 F2.8, with just 1 f-stop different.

    And GREATER than the faster Vivitar series 1

    The more I like than my 75-150 f3.5 is :
    -Macro function at 70mm.
    -more vivid color reproduction that my 75-150.
    -More zoomable.
    – Anything is GREAT & MIRACLE! For just $120-$170 price

    • Many thanks Patrick, glad you liked them. And all good points you mention in the 70-210’s favor. It really is a fantastic lens by any standard. 🙂

  2. I used to have the 35, 50 and 100 series E lenses for film use. I bought an Nikon FM new in 1980 and it came with the 50. I was so impressed that I bought the other two and even later when I could afford an F3 and AIS lenses, I never replaced the 35, 50 and 100. There was no need to, they were (and are) every bit as good as the more expensive and faster Nikkors.

    • I agree with you mostly there. The Series-E lenses are quite high-performing lenses–at least on APS-C. Don’t have a full-frame digital body to try them on, nor do I know how to objectively judge detail on 35mm film (if I processed it! haha). That said, optical formulas between the lenses are at least similar, if not the same. Only real differences are build quality and flare control, with the AI-s Nikkors generally excelling more in both over the Series-E’s. There are a few times I go out and miss that 100mm f/2.8…don’t bring back the tears, Andrew. XD

  3. Thanks for this great write up, exactly what I was looking for. Looks like a great little set of lenses w/ some really great bargains in there too.

    • Hey there Andrew, glad the post helped! The adapter type you are looking for is Nikon F to Sony E. Many companies manufacture an adapter type of their own, but if you’re using just AI-s/manual focus lenses, look for a “dummy” adapter that doesn’t have any electronic contacts with the camera.

      I used to use the Fotodiox PRO adapter, for a solid 4 years in fact. Just picked up a Fotodiox DLX adapter and it’s even compatible with the “G” type lenses of today (if I ever need to mount them). The better parts of this adapter though, the tripod mount is a lot more secure, and the adapter itself has much less play/wiggle between the lens/adapter and adapter/camera.

  4. Merci pour cet analyse. Mise à part le 75-150 et le 35mm, je les possède tous et j’ai beaucoup de plaisir à faire des photos avec le 50mm ainsi que le 100.
    J’utilisais un Nikon FA en argentique et maintenant un NEX6 avec un adaptateur.

  5. Hi Matthew.
    This is a really fab review and is a great help to me. I inherited a Nikon EM at Christmas and was hoping to hunt down some more lenses that would be compatible and know the Nikon E series lenses should be compatible.
    I am looking forward to learning more about my new camera and trying out different techniques and lenses!
    Kind regards,

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