6 comments on “Lens Review–Nikon 35mm f/2.5 Series-E

    • Many reasons, here’s three:
      1. Thanks to peaking and very easy-to-use manual focus zoom-in, manual lenses function much better on the NEX-7 than any SLR/DSLR I’ve tried them on.
      2. The N7′s 24MP APS-C (DX) sensor is extremely demanding, bringing out the worst in a lens. If it does good on this sensor, it’ll do good on any sensor. If it does “okay” on the N7, it’ll probably do fine on others.
      3. One of the big draws to mirrorless cameras is their ability to adapt manual legacy lenses from all manufacturers via an appropriate adapter which extends the flange distance to exactly how it is on a lens’ designated camera. Small lenses, such as this one, are potentially even more popular given their high shootability in a compact package.

  1. Thanks for the review! I have one of those lying around and was wondering whether it would be worth getting ran adapter for my canon.

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